Dive Facilities

Ultimate Convenience Diving Ambon

Maluku Divers

Diving, Diving, Diving!

As the only dedicated dive resort on the island, Maluku Divers is unquestionably the best possible facility for diving Ambon. 

Having been in operation since mid 2004, the dive team at the resort are by far the most experienced in the waters of Ambon, and since relocating the resort to the northern shores of Ambon Bay, the team have pioneered many new sites in the area. There are now upwards of 30 divesites to visit in Ambon Bay alone, with a variety of habitats, with many more sites found on the shores outside of the Bay. 

A large enclosed equipment area adjacent to the dive and restaurant complex, houses the dive showers, the equipment rinse tanks and the covered wetsuit and BCD drying areas. Maluku Divers’ attentive boat helpers and crew will assist all divers with carrying tanks and equipment between the equipment area and the dive boats. Entry to the dive boats is via the shore, then using the boats long stainless steel ladders, divers are advised to bring booties with which to walk from the dive complex across the pebble beach to the waiting boats. 

Twin Engine Dive Boats

As the vast majority of the diving is boat diving, Maluku Divers is equipped with three fibreglass speedboats. Two ten metre craft and one of eight metres. As a vital saftey feature, all of the vessels are powered by twin engines and are capable of quickly and efficiently delivering divers to and from the chosen divesites of the day. The largest vessel boasts twin 200hp engines and is capable of reaching the further sites of Pulau Tiga or Pintu Kota in less than thirty minutes. 

Ample supplies of water and snacks are provided on the diveboats during each two or three tank dive departure, as well as individual dive towels for each diver.

Nitrox and Breathing Air Systems

Maluku Divers is equipped with two L&W compressors, an L&W 450 and an L&W 280 as a back up. The resort also has the capacity for NITROX cylinder fills for divers wishing to spend more time with the deeper subjects.

Maluku Divers does have the capacity to offer continued education classes and the most popular course is the NITROX certification. These courses and other certifications can be arranged, but advanced notice is required in order that preparations can be made with the instructors at the resort.

There is a selection of rental dive equipment at the resort, but it is imperative that rental dive gear is requested in advance of arrival to ensure that the equipment is available and not used by other divers. A selection of dive torches is also available.

The Dive Team

Resort Manager Marcel Hagendijk, brings a decade of international diving experience to Maluku Divers and has been the resident manager since 2009. Marcel assists with any necessary instructor related tasks, offeres a unique tour of the “Duke of Sparta” wreck in Ambon Bay and he is also happy to assist divers with his photographic knowledge, and has coached many divers interested in improving their skills underwater.

Marcel supports a dedicated and experienced team of highly skilled guides and spotters from across Indonesia. Maluku Divers is also training divers from the local villages as it bids to increase the ways in which the resort can offer something back to the local community.