Unique Accommodation in Ambon

Maluku Divers

Waterfront Bungalows in a Tranquil Setting

The Maluku Divers Resort Bungalows are unique in comparison with any other Ambon hotel. The initial difference is the location, as the resort is situated in a plantation of mature mango trees, which drop their fruit once a season, to the delight of any guest lucky enough to be staying at the time.

Each bungalow covers a combined 60 square metre (645 square feet) footprint, made up of a large wooden terrace, a large living area and then a spacious enclosed en-suite private bathroom through to the rear of the building.

The wooden terrace at the front of the bungalow is a pleasant area to sit and absorb the stunning view across the water to Ambon’s green and undeveloped southern peninsular, to contemplate the critters that have been seen, or to enjoy a good book between dives. Due to the thoughtful layout of the resort, each bungalow has an uninterrupted view across Ambon Bay creating a feeling of seclusion even amongst the other bungalows.

The interior of the bungalows feels incredibly spacious due to the high pitch design of the roof. All of the rooms have air-conditioning, but are also equipped with a powerful ceiling fan. As a result of the shelter of the many large mango trees, many divers prefer to sleep with just the fan. The bungalows all have the same design, and conveniently, all can be switched to provide either twin or double accommodations.

The bungalow’s private bathroom is accessed through the living area and is a spacious enclosed room. The hot water shower is found to one side, washbasin in the centre and bathroom facilities to the other side. Fresh supplies of soap, showergel and shampoo are provided daily as the dedicated Maluku Divers staff clean the room and make the beds during the dives.

The Maluku Divers resort is a unique location, which absorbs and compliments the natural surroundings, while providing divers with the essential facilities which are required for a stress free diving holiday. While every effort is made to ensure a wonderful experience, Maluku Divers always asks that divers are understanding of the remote nature of Ambon island, and visit with an adventurous mind and a desire for an experience away from the crowds.

Enjoy your stay!

Stay Fully Charged

Each bungalow at the Maluku Divers Resort is equipped with the unique feature of two individual editing tables, one for each of the divers staying in the room. These tables provide the opportunity for photographers to edit their images in privacy, should they choose not to make use of the communal camera room situated in the dive shop complex. These huge private editing tables are flanked by a number convenient electricity sockets to power laptops during the all-important editing process and also allowing each divers plenty of sockets for any overnight battery charging that is necessary. As all photographers know, there can never be too many charging sockets.

Due to the unpredictable electricity supply on the island, which has been known to run just six or seven hours each day, the Maluku Divers resort is powered by two large generators which provide 220 volt power 24 hours a day. An example of the socket type found at Maluku Divers is shown below. The resort does provide some adapters, but recommends divers bring their own.

Twin Prong Socket at Maluku Divers

Shady Bungalows

Tony Wu


Double Room

Tony Wu


Twin Room

Bart De Ridder

Ensuite Bathroom

Bart De Ridder