Marine Life in Ambon

Resident Critters in Ambon

Ambon’s intriguing shoreline has a habit of throwing up the weird and the wonderful, most famously the new species of frogfish discovered by Maluku Divers in 2008.

However, due to the sheer numbers of the critters that make their home in the habitat on the shores of Laha village, divers who spend time in the Twilight Zone are likely to get the chance to see and photograph strange behaviours and circumstances involving the ‘normal’ critters that are found. Take this image of a strange urchin migration by Shannon Conway and the unusual grouping of flatfish in Matt Oldfield’s image.

Shannon Conway


Matt Oldfield

Critters are often seasonal, but many species in Ambon can be regularly spotted, especially as the Maluku Divers guides are aware of the individual fish’s territory. The ‘Residents’ pages of the website show images of individual species found in Ambon, former guests of Maluku Divers are encouraged to send images to add to these specific species galleries.

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