Ambon Restaurants

Ambon Restaurants

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Ambon Fish Market

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The traditional menu found in Ambon Restaurants would focus on the harvest from the Banda Sea. As the central hub of East Indonesia, many vessels deliver their catch to Ambon, for shipping across Indonesia or for sale in the city markets. In addition to the larger fishing enterprises, each day local fishermen return from a night spent fishing on handbuilt canoes, bringing their catch to various smaller harbours, from where they are taken to be sold at village markets.

Utilizing this supply of fresh fish is important for Maluku Divers, not only as there is the desire to provide the freshest ingredients and the most tasty menu, but there is also the opportunity to support the village community by purchasing fish from the local fishermen.

The menu at the resort focuses on the freshest possible local fish and meats, with rice, potato or vegetable side dishes.

Each day, a choice of breakfast is served, with local Indonesian dishes available alongside eggs, toast or thick American-style plain or fruit pancakes with local honey.

Lunch and Dinner are three course meals, with lunch usually consisting of a lighter salad starter, followed by fresh fish with rice and vegetables, then a fruit dessert.

Dinner is often a soup starter, served before a chicken or beef main and traditional dessert. Tea, coffee and drinking water are also freely available throughout the day.

Once each week, a BBQ night offers guests the chance for some flavoursome grilled chicken, beef or tuna, perhaps even serenaded by the musical individuals in the Maluku Divers service team.

Special Dietary Requirements

Head Chef Dewa is more than willing to accept menu requests and can accommodate both vegetarian and vegan requirements, he and his team can work around guests with other food allergies, with ample notice appreciated. Every effort is made to offer the best possible menu at the resort, however guests are asked to understand that Ambon is not fully set up to supply tourism related industries, so provisions of fruits, vegetables and even certain fish are heavily affected by seasonal availability. Varied fruit supplies are surprisingly frustrating, except during mango season where the thud of the first fallen fruit from the mature trees signals the start of the delicious season in the resort.

For guests at Maluku Divers interested in learning about the tasty local sauces utilized in the flavoursome menu, Chef Dewa is more than willing to provide a lesson in the preparation of the spicy sambal sauce, Colo Colo or other local delicacy. A sweet dessert dish which is sometimes served, is know in Ambon as Rujak, a sweet palm sugar and peanut based sauce served over fresh tart seasonal fruit. One variation of this sauce is the addition of chilli, to provide an interesting kick.

A tour of the local market is an interesting experience and the city market is a trip well worth the early start. The hustle and bustle of the vibrant local street sellers, offer a sense of the life of the local community of Ambon and present numerous photo opportunities.

Ambon Resturants

Mark Snyder

Ambon Restaurants

Mark Snyder