Helpful Hints

What to Expect From Ambon

The following pages of the Maluku Divers website are designed to provide as much information as possible for divers who will visit Ambon and the Maluku Divers Resort. Inevitably questions may arise that are not answered here and the reservations team is happy to assist with specific enquiries via email.

It is important to remember that Ambon is a relatively new destination for tourism Maluku Divers always make sure to inform divers that Ambon is not a 5 star destination. The Maluku Divers Resort team work hard to provide the best possible service, however Ambon is a little rustic and does have it’s idiosyncrasies. This rustic nature gives Ambon and the dive experience a unique charm visiting the ‘real’ Indonesia’, but it is important that divers are aware of what to expect when they join for some great diving.

It is important not to visit Ambon expecting a Bali 5 Star package with pristine hotel grounds and manicured lawns, but for a unique and adventurous dive experience in an intriguing environment, away from the crowds both topside and beneath the surface .

The Maluku Divers Resort team looks forward to hosting you.


Due to Maluku Divers’ commitment to impacting as little as possible on the environment surrounding the resort, the foliage of the many trees, bushes and tropical plants found at the resort does, unfortunately, provide habitat for mosquitoes, so some are inevitably going to find their way to the bungalows and around the restaurant. As a result, divers are asked to be understanding regarding insects during the stay. The resort does offer repellent and coils for divers and uses a chemical fog across the property as often as necessary if mosquitoes become too prevalent.

Mosquito repellent can be useful around the resort during periods of activity, often after rainfall, the insects are generally most persistent around dusk. Maluku Divers advises that divers are aware of the peak period of activity, and use adequate protection at this time. A strong repellent with DEET is generally sufficient.

What to Bring to Maluku Divers

The following items are suggestions which may be useful to remember when visiting Ambon.

Topside Suggestions

Passport Copies
When divers arrive in Ambon, they may be asked for a copy of their passport for the visitor documentation that is filled out by every guest. Rather than handing over the original passport document, it is advised to bring two or three passport copies to have handy as a back up.

A Good Book
The Maluku Divers Resort has an exchange library, with many books donated by generous past guests, however a good book is always a good companion on any trip.

Clothing Considerations
June, July and August are usually the rainy season months in Maluku, but unseasonal weather can occur at any stage, with this in mind, it is useful to bring a light waterproof jacket.

A long sleeved fleece or similar garment may be useful in the evenings for those who wish to relax on the outside benches and tables, or on the bungalows’ private wooden terraces after dark.

Dive Requirements

For night dive lovers, please bring a suitable flashlight with ample batteries or recharging facilities. The Maluku Divers Resort has a selection of underwater flashlights, however these are always subject to damage or loss prior to a diver’s arrival, so should generally not be relied on. It is strongly advised for divers to bring their own flashlights.

Dive History
Original copies of every divers most recent dive certification card will be required by the Resort Management team during the check in process. Dive log books would also be useful.

Electric Socket Adaptors
The Maluku Divers Resort has multiple 220 volt outlets in each bungalow and a large number in the communal camera room. The resort also has a selection of electric plug adaptors, however, as with dive flashlights, these are always subject to damage or loss. It is strongly advised for divers to bring their own electrical plug adaptors to ensure their electrical outlets can be recharged during their dive experience.