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Much is cited about the incredible underwater photographic opportunities to be found in Ambon, a vast number of images are taken each year and Maluku Divers is grateful that many divers like to share these shots. Please see the menu to the right hand side of this page to choose from the galleries of previous Ambon divers.

If you have visited Ambon and would like your gallery to be considered for publishing on this site, please contact the Maluku Divers office.

Maluku Divers Topside Ambon Gallery

As it is often said, each a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s certainly the case that these gallery pages can provide descriptions of the unique island of Ambon that are impossible to put in to words.

Enjoy this gallery of topside images, the vast majority of which were taken by Matt Oldfield during a few days touring Ambon, during his stay with Maluku Divers.


The above images are under copyright to Matt Oldfield. All rights reserved. Any infringement of the authors’ copyright will be liable to legal action.