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Maluku Divers Resort

The Resort

The Maluku Divers Resort in Laha is one of the must visit locations in any diver’s Indonesian dive list. The only dedicated dive resort in Ambon, the facility was built specifically with divers in mind and boasts the most unique and comfortable accommodations in the whole of Maluku. Each individual bungalow is over 60 square meters, with private bathroom, hot water, air conditioning and a large covered private wooden terrace. Each bungalow also has the unique feature of individual editing desks for each diver. The ten bungalows look out over Ambon Bay and the incredible muck diving and critter sites to be found there, the ultimate location for diving Ambon.
Maluku Divers Ambon

The Diving

Ambon is undoubtedly famous for the world class muck diving, with a huge array of critters that can be observed and photographed during long dives at the shallow sites close to the resort. Diving in Ambon includes regular sightings of resident marine life such as rhinopias, many assorted frogfish, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ring and hairy octopus, thorny and pygmy seahorse, stonefish, inimicus, to name but a few, along with literally hundreds of different species of nudibranch. As the Maluku Divers Resort is the only dedicated dive resort within Ambon Bay, it is “Critters Without Crowds” when diving in Ambon.
Maluku Divers Resort

Getting To Ambon

For a resort in the remote east of Indonesia, the logistics getting to Ambon are surprisingly simple, with four airlines offering daily schedules from Jakarta and two from Bali. In addition to these, Ambon can also be reached with regular scheduled flights from Manado and Sorong. To compliment the ease of travel, Maluku Divers’ efficient and responsive office team respond to all enquiry emails within 24 hour period of them being received. The team can assist with domestic flights, hotels and any necessary transfers required once a diver arrives in Indonesia. This level of efficiency belies Ambon’s remote location off Indonesia’s beaten track.