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2012 – 2013 New Season Report

Time flies. After a sometimes difficult, but predominantly enjoyable rainy season in Ambon, Maluku Divers is into its fourth year operating in its purpose-built dive resort located in the quaint village of Laha, just 8 minutes away from Pattimura Airport of Ambon, Indonesia. And the word is out: in the last three years, Maluku Divers has [...]

King of Gossip, King of Jazz, King of Larike, but A Village Boy at Heart

Other than the dive guides, probably the most remembered among Maluku Divers’ staff is Hafes Lausepa. Most guests know Hafes as the warm and charming Restaurant Manager at our restaurant who regularly serenades to them at dinner. Unbeknownst to many guests initially, Hafes is also a king. The word “Maluku” or “Moluccas” (old name of [...]

All-Star Diving at Maluku Divers

February 2012 saw the crew of Maluku Divers honoured by an all-star visit by eminent IMAX underwater cinematographers, Howard and Michele Hall, world renowned underwater photographers, Norbert Wu and Douglas Seifert and his wife Emily Iriving, and owners of Gates Underwater video housing, John and Karen Ellerbrock. An introduction of the star-studded cast in the diving [...]

Brief Encounters of a Strange Kind

Upon arrival at the Maluku Divers Resort, guests often ask to dive the “Twilight Zone”. The dive site, named by the King of Muck Diving, the late Larry Smith, sits between two jetties normally lined up with fishing boats docking after bringing in a few days’ catch. The light generated by the boats overhead enhances the suitability of [...]

The 2010 – 2011 Change of Season Report

Sorry that we’ve been away from Twitter and Facebook for the past few weeks. Maluku Divers is enjoying the natural break of the Maluku rainy season inAmbon right now, watching the islands return to a blend of beautiful shades of green. The low season sees us open this year for the first time, with special [...]

Welcome to the new Maluku Divers website!

Welcome to Maluku Divers’ new website. It’s been a long time coming, thanks to a bit of advice from some, and a lot of help from others (Mr Cooper!) hopefully now the website finally does our destination some justice. Ambon is such a visually stimulating and vibrant place, our new website design hopefully showcases the [...]